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We are proud to impart education, on egalitarian basis. Standing at the threshold of the 21st century, we view education as an all-embracing activity from classroom to the rostrum, from rostrum to the pen, and pen to the play field. We hold education not as a means to acquire certificates and degrees but to develop a better understanding of the world around. The budding saplings and scions of our institution are groomed and nurtured to ensure growth of wholesome personalities, who can adjust themselves conveniently to a challenging world, where only the fittest thrive. It has been our prime craving to enhance the standard of education through the frequently reviews of our syllabus. To inculcate the spirit of discipline, organization and hard work has been a prominent feature of our 
programmer. The search from better to the best is ceaseless and we always look forward to the invaluable suggestions to improve our standard and provide better service to humanity.
Thank You

Muhammad Shahid Parvez


Principal Message

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Classroom Management          Modern Educational Therapist

Respected Parents,

The era in which we are living these days the rule SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST exactly applies. This rule of universe has always been right. It is the need of time for our Nation as a hole to realize this fact.

As Parents, it must be our modest and desired duty to look after our children's education on daily basis because great things do not happen overnight. We must be watchful, the time they are spending as each second or a day never repeats itself. These days it is very easy to waste time due to so called entertainment activities which take us very far from our ultimate goals of life. Our children can not realize this. It is Our responsibility to create a balance in their lives. If we let them on their own or ignore them, they may ruin themselves and their future.

In Our Opinion if we take too long to realize this fact, we would never forgive ourselves. These days we as a Nation need to compete the world to get an honorable recognition on the Globe. This could only happen through quality education and continues hard work. Moving from where your child is to where, he want to be is series of carefully chosen steps. Going forward is the aim, and your child's momentum increases as he gains knowledge, skills and confidence. White Rose School Systems will help your child to discover that he is his own the greatest resource.

We are doing every thing to enable our students to meet the challenges of rapidly changing world. We are all committed to build our Nation's future bright and it is not a single person's job, it is a team work. We look farword to playing a part in your child's future and wish him every success in the career path he chooses to follow.

Thank You

Siyam Shahid

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